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About Us

For the last 30 years we have been passionate and driven in our commitment to ‘Ensuring Mutual Success.’ Our leading software and services provide Digital Banking and Core Banking solutions based on the latest technologies and industry requirements, that are optimised to align with client needs.

What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge of an Australian Mutual and Financial Industry driven by digital innovations and simultaneously facing numerous fiscal challenges. We understand that through these critical transformations, maintaining a viable and sustainable product set is paramount. Accordingly, we are up to the challenge that modern vendors, with any expectation of growth, must be demonstrably easy to deal with and provide dedicated levels of service. 

We consider the client relationship to be a bespoke alliance rather than simply an exchange of independent vendors. Whilst many will espouse this virtue, few can point to a thirty year heritage of being set up ‘By Mutuals, For Mutuals,’ as mutuality remains at our core. Our current clients enjoy having a single point of contact for all their technology support needs and benefit from aggregated pricing on developments to keep abreast with the ever changing needs of banking technology. In the provision of our managed services, security and privacy of data remain paramount.

Having carried out over 70 transitions with a 100% success rate, our proven platform enables the support of our clients' growth strategies and contributes toward their future success. Additionally, being unique in the market as the only company in Australia offering hosted services in combination with our software solutions, we're able to deliver strategic, operational and cost efficiencies that could not be gained from sourcing the functions from two separate providers. Consequently, we gain a much deeper understanding of our clients resulting in our ability to provide the highest level of client engagement and collaboration. After all, clients are our main priority; without them we have no purpose.


We actively pursue a continuous improvement model which permeates through each department within our organisation. This, along with our broad market understanding, has enabled us to develop a leading range of innovative products and services, including:

Digital Banking
Core Banking
Private Cloud
Security & IT

Incorporated in 1986 as a co-operative by Australian Central, CPS, PowerState, Fire Service and Satisfac Credit Unions, DA had a vision of becoming the preferred and exclusive technology partner of the customer owned financial services industry. Based in Adelaide and servicing companies Nationwide, we have since managed to take on a growing client base and establish ourselves as an industry leader.

In 1989 we acquired our own version of software to support and develop for SA and NT Credit Unions, then in 1997 we purchased the Phoenix Core Banking System from the US. In 2011 we rebranded Phoenix to DA CBS subsequent to purchasing the intellectual property rights and selling rights in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2013, Karl Grant joined the team as our CEO and proceeded to lead our transformation through his reinvigoration and introduction of our ‘Technology Roadmap’ as well as our client relationship management function. Both initiatives have proved to be successful amongst our clients. Through our clients, we are proud to be dealing with over 1 million banking customers and 25 billion in client assets, operating across 700 servers.

We are currently operating from modern City offices in the heart of Adelaide with over 150 staff members, with some design and support staff based in Sydney and Brisbane. We look ahead to a promising future as we continue to provide excellent technology solutions while we work on our growth agenda.