Cloud Overview

Look to the Cloud for a turn-key solution


The DA Cloud is a turn-key solution for the Australian market in that it is highly-available, resilient, PCI compliant and secure. Not only this, our private cloud services are fully managed and combine hosting of your infrastructure with our industry-leading technology. We ensure that high levels of availability are maintained for our clients by deploying our infrastructure across multiple production facilities. Prudent selection of this infrastructure creates a robust environment which is able to respond to the challenges of demanding workloads.

Our Cloud runs on enterprise-class servers and storage arrays and is monitored 24x7. All data is backed up and protected via our enterprise-class data protection systems. Having data stored in our Cloud ensures it is backed up and protected in a safe and secure location where it can be accessed quickly, minimising downtime and allowing business to be conducted as usual. Because we go above and beyond to meet client needs, we have a quick turnaround and combined with our high levels of security, users can remain confident that our Cloud is highly available and more secure than ever.



Service Delivery - Supporting each element of our Cloud to provide a comprehensive, first-rate service

Infrastructure - Dedicated servers hosted within our two data centres on a secure and segmented network

Cyber Security - Ensuring our Cloud services protect your data in the most secure and reliable environment possible

Managed by Us

The DA Cloud is a fully managed, end-to-end service providing customers with dedicated servers hosted within our two data centres on a secure and segmented network. This results in reducing the size of clients’ own data centres in turn minimising the costs of software, staff and IT, without reducing IT capabilities. Running on enterprise class servers and storage arrays, we monitor the cloud 24/7. By managing your infrastructure with our software, our niche hosting gives us a deeper understanding of client needs.

PCI Compliant

The security benefits associated with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are vital to the long-term success of merchants processing card transactions within the cloud. What’s more, the security of cardholder data affects everybody, yet many cloud providers have failed to gain PCI compliance to ensure trustworthy transactions. Here at DA, we understand the importance of these standards in increasing controls and mitigating fraud and are proud to affirm we are PCI compliant.

Leading Technology

We only use the best-of-breed technology to provide our clients with the highest possible level of operating and performance excellence and the most advanced security measures. In such a volatile environment, cutting corners in technology opens up countless risks, which is why we have ensured our technology remains cutting-edge and completely reliable. With our agile Cloud technology, you can be confident that your data is more secure than ever.

Scalable Solutions

We provide software that has the ability to scale with ever-changing business needs. Our cost-effective solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of clients and are fully scalable to enable transformation and innovation. Furthermore, sharing infrastructure and resources across our client base leads to economies of scale, the benefits of which are passed on to our clients.