Performance and reliability within dual data centres


We understand that the need for a clearly defined backup and disaster recovery solution in the cloud should never be overlooked. Accordingly, our private Cloud provides customers with dedicated servers hosted within two data centres on a secure and segmented network. Having two data centres with a low latency link maintains geo-redundancy as the service replicates data between the two sites, switching from one to the other in the unlikely event of failure. This provides a level of data durability that gives clients the peace of mind that the DA Cloud retains enough redundancy to remain operational and keep their site working non-stop.


Providing hosted data centres means that the size of clients’ own data centres can be reduced, minimising the costs and need for resources in software, staff and IT, without reducing IT capabilities. This frees up the system allowing you to focus on your own business whilst we manage the security and availability of your data. Because the physical servers are still housed within data centres, clients are able to benefit from the advanced security measures implemented by those facilities. This includes such measures as vulnerability assessment services, monthly Operating System patching and trained Subject Matter Experts working to detect and manage security incidents.


Our software architecture has been developed to fully support infrastructure where two physical sites operate as one logical network, with half the production load and all equipment 100% replicated at each site. Our primary data replication methodology provides a recovery point objective of near zero with additional transaction logging between databases every 15 minutes. We are currently transitioning to a real time data replication strategy to coincide with a significant server and storage upgrade. This ensures that all updates to the production server are guaranteed of being simultaneously applied.


To deal with and prevent any potential threats, we have developed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with prearranged recovery options. The plan is tailored to meet individual client needs, as business continuity requirements differ across organisations. Through our BCP, we have been able to truly maximise availability and reliability, two of the most important aspects of any successful financial institution.