Service Delivery

Bringing together the key elements of our Cloud


To get the most out of our Cloud environment, we've developed a service delivery model that helps our clients find the most appropriate solution for their business and ensures both a high level of availability and performance. We offer a fully managed service to support our private Cloud including a team of skilled network professionals so that clients can remain focused on their business. 


Our service scope includes everything our clients need to provide them with a fast, reliable and secure cloud, including a customer service unit which is manned 24/7 to provide support. Adhering to quality service delivery principles, the team follow sound methodologies to provide support that is timely, consistent and effective. This includes a helpdesk with first level support for all DA software, monitoring and hardware related systems as well as operational support for all daily processing tasks including end of period, back-up, monitoring and system support.


We operate a managed network that extends to 250 physical office locations across Australia, which enables our clients to deliver higher service levels using fewer internal resources and suppliers. To ensure these are of the highest quality, we partner with both Telstra and Vocus Communications for carriage services. Our clients benefit from the significant discounts achieved by our aggregated network buying power and the relationships we have with our suppliers.


We also operate network management support services that are available 24/7. The service includes the monitoring and reporting of network availability, router services, network security, capacity and performance management, configuration management and fault management. This comprehensive offering enables the highest standards of security, performance and operating excellence. Throughout our service delivery model, we are able to bring together key elements to successfully support the cloud and generate the highest level of speed and flexibility.