Anti-Money Laundering

An automated solution to monitoring transactions

Financial institutions cannot risk the reputational damage of falling victim to money laundering activities.  Accordingly, we have formed an alliance with Thomson Reuters, whose Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions help to uncover hidden risks in both business and human networks.


Before we chose an AML partner, we took into consideration compliance with the Australian Privacy Act as well as the implications of sending data offshore. Thomson Reuters fulfil both these obligations and provide our clients with a product at an appropriate price point. Their automated solution combines Transaction Monitoring with World Check Risk Intelligence to monitor transactions and identify and create alerts on unusual patterns of activity.


The combination of predictive analysis, market-leading intelligence and smart automation offers a highly effective method to uncover hidden risk and comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations including AML, Counter-Terrorism Financing and Politically Exposed Persons and Sanctions. The system is based on intuitive predictive modelling to minimize false positives and increase accuracy.  Fully-integrated with our Core Banking System this provides fast, effective and accurate screening.