Core Banking Overview

A true Australian retail banking platform

Why Choose the DA Core Banking Platform?

- Scalable
- Among the richest API layers of Australian CBS providers
- Customer-centric
- Open architecture that enables a rich ecosystem of banking capabilities
- Ongoing and committed development roadmap


Traditional banking no longer necessitates a product-centric focus, as increasing demands for improved and specifically tailored functionality shifts the direction further toward the customer. Keeping in line with such industry changes, the DA Core Banking system (CBS) has been methodically designed with a data model built around the customer, not the transaction, to help clients better serve and understand their customers’ needs. Acting as the heart of soul of retail banking, our solution addresses all the core requirements to provide a solid and secure foundation to build strong business functionality.

The DA CBS is a fit-for-purpose retail solution with a proven scale in back-office processing and an open architecture enabling rich front-channel functionality and experiences. The single customer-centric core can be adapted across a wide range of service channels from internet, mobile, branch, ATM and call centre, across a multitude of devices. The system enables easy account access with 24/7 real-time requirements as well as simplifies the processing and distribution of member information.

The advanced architecture of our CBS facilitates flexibility to meet core processing requirements whilst enabling integrated technologies to provide a best-in-class solution. These technologies include loans origination, CRM, reporting, collections, AML et al. Furthermore, the architecture enables the support of systems through what is among the richest API layers of Australian providers today. The system comprises of flexible configuration controls with automation for process efficiency. As a result, clients can target relevant information toward their customers and offer the right capabilities to best suit their complex needs. This increased offering generates competitive commercial and retail products which drives down costs and helps to deliver a superior user-experience.  


We understand the importance of a reliable and long-lasting core system and as such, we've designed our CBS with longevity in mind. The DA Core is a scalable business solution operating on a fully ‘Australianised’ platform in that it has been adapted to meet the functions and regulatory requirements of the Australian Finance Industry. Given the current stability of our CBS and the high capabilities the flexible environment provides, our focus now is on evolution rather than revolution. Consequently, we are able to provide visible benefits for our clients whilst causing far less disruption to their business. While our technology stack is both current and supported with PCI compliance, we also follow a continuous improvement model that looks at enhancing functions and key process elements as we evolve towards a more modularised approach. 


Account Processing: View, create and maintain member and account information.
Teller: Perform cash and cheque teller transactions including an optional cash denomination tracking system.
System Administration: Integrated controls and parameters for general ledger, member definitions, user security, teller controls, fee definitions, product definitions, interest indices, correspondence controls, general banking and printer controls.
ATM: Integrated controls and parameters for the maintenance of ATM, EFTPOS and Credit Card products.
Nightly: End-of-period process which generates auto transfers, fee charging and interest accrual and posting as well as updates general ledger accounts, reports, letters and statement output files.