Customer On-Boarding

Accelerate the Process with our Streamlined Solution

Create the right impression from the start 

An effective onboarding process is the first chance to make a good impression on your customers and illustrate what kind of experience they can expect from your organisation, so we've developed a streamlined solution to allow potential customers to create their account with minimal fuss, 24/7 and eliminating the need for customers to visit a branch.

Real-time access

Accessed from your corporate website, our boarding tool has an easy-to-use interface that enables new customers to enter their details and verify their identity without the inconvenience of going to a branch. Once the customer is verified, they are immediately able to perform functions such as creating a deposit account, requesting a card, or creating a loan application. 

Reduces back-office workload

The new customers' data records will be automatically updated into your  Core Banking System removing any manual input. Furthermore, you can use this acquired data to gain valuable insight and deliver contextual communication - building a great customer experience from day one.