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Customer On-Boarding

Accelerate the Process with our Streamlined Solution

Zero requirement for back office saves time and resources 

An effective Customer On-Boarding process has the ability to foster a positive customer experience, differentiate your brand and consequently build a long-lasting and loyal relationship. It's the first chance to make a good impression on your customers and illustrate what kind of experience they can expect from your organisation. Here at DA, we developed our Customer On-boarding solution with this in mind to ensure your customers will experience a best-in-class process. Our solution is streamlined to allow potential customers to create their account with minimal fuss, and services are available 24/7, eliminating the need for customers to attend a branch.

Real-time access for your new members

Accessed from your corporate website, Customer On-boarding has an easy to use interface that enables new customers to enter their details and verify their identity without the inconvenience of attending a branch. Once the customer is verified, they are immediately able to access the system and perform functions such as creating a deposit account, requesting a card or logging-in to access further services including the ability to save and resume a loan application securely.

Customers are more likely to create an account with our convenient process

Customer On-boarding makes the customer acquisition process easier for your financial institution as data records will be automatically updated in the Core Banking System. Furthermore, clients can use this acquired data to gain valuable insight and deliver contextual communication that benefits their customers. With a convenient process to attract new members and a streamlined solution to encourage customer retention, our solution provides a seamless experience that promotes and encourages customer loyalty.