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Banking App

Future-proofing the mobile revolution

Customers have increasingly high expectations for their mobile banking user-experience, so we've developed a banking app that is flexible and adaptable to changing needs and that works on both Android and Apple OS.  The DA banking app provides members and customers with in-pocket, 24/7 access to their account information and allows them to perform transactions and payments as well as access functions such as an integrated ATM and branch locator. We've partnered with Fusion to bring simple designs and fluent user experiences, powered by the stability and security of the DA Digital platform and integration services.  With a full understanding of user security concerns, our banking app is highly secure to instil customers' trust in your brand.



The underlying architecture of our Banking App enables agility together with flexibility so we can add new features with ease.


Our Banking App includes full branding packs that allow you to reflect your brand and enhance user experience. You can create bespoke features via feature switches and flags, and we have graphic and front-end designers on hand to assist should need them.


Usability is at the forefront of our development and the design has been tried, tested and enhanced by multiple clients to ensure optimum functionality and ease of use.


 Our client, Beyond Bank, received the 2016 CANSTAR award for Mobile Banking.  Our platform has become a foundation for bank digital transformation.


The latest release of our Banking App includes the Host Card Emulation (HCE) functionality, better known as ‘Tap & Pay’. This feature enables customers or members to essentially emulate a physical card transaction less than $100. Additionally, we've added Fingerprint Login functionality, which provides the option of a secure fingerprint login, instead of having to remember a PIN login. Our development team are constantly working on new and improved updates to ensure our capabilities, and the latest industry capabilities, are in line.