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Personal Financial Management

Real-time tools for customers to manage finances


Financial institutions need to differentiate their Digital Banking proposition to cater for a customer-centric experience and retain market share. Customers and members now demand a high level of control over their finances, and this is precisely what our Personal Financial Management (PFM) suite offers. The DA PFM tool provides a superior service to customers whilst simultaneously allowing clients to gain further consumer insight to provide improved financial advice and services as well as effectively target their marketing.

Extensive Offering

Our PFM product is an extensive offering allowing customers and members to develop a single financial picture across selected savings accounts. Fully integrated with Digital Banking, PFM is a powerful tool for users to measure spending, set financial goals and track monetary habits. Additionally, valuable functions and visualisation tools allow users to categorise and group transactions, analyse their spending habits, and in future releases, set goals for spending and savings targets including a customisable ‘safe to spend’ threshold tool across selected accounts.

Brand Differentiation

Adopting our PFM product helps clients to maximize the customer experience and differentiate their Digital Banking offering in order to gain a competitive advantage. The product is responsive across traditional desktop, tablets and smartphones to ensure a consistent and seamless user experience. Modules within EPiServer™ Content Management System also ensure you can configure insights and targeted marketing offers based on customer and member activity including spending goals and behaviours.

Fresh Design

We have partnered with innovation and digital agency, Fusion, to bring a fresh design and integrated user experience to deliver more value to our Digital Banking platform. With functions that include Money Going, Calendars, Transaction Categorisation and Spend Tracker, our PFM product both overcomes the challenge of only having limited insight into consumer behaviour, and maximises the user experience with the right tools to effectively manage finances.