<p><img alt="2091 Mozo Awards for Banking" src="/link/a0ec3230edfa47e0a23a84d95a1d5d21.aspx" height="440" width="660" /></p> <p>We are thrilled that the DA/Fusion mobile banking app is used by 6 of the top 9 banks in the 'Excellent Banking App' category in the Mozo Expert Choice awards.&nbsp; More proof if it's needed that Credit Unions and Mutual Banks offer a real alternative to the big four.</p> <p>To read more visit <a href="https://mozo.com.au/fintech/top-9-revealed-the-banking-apps-that-took-out-2-19-mozo-expert-choice-awards">https://mozo.com.au/fintech/top-9-revealed-the-banking-apps-that-took-out-2-19-mozo-expert-choice-awards</a></p>