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14 June 2016

Reflecting company growth with a move to a bigger & better office

Having recently relocated to 55 Currie Street, we are pleased to confirm we are now comfortably settled in and enjoying life in the city’s central hub. We packed up our bags at South Terrace and reflected on the memories and achievements over the years, before moving into the new premises on the 9th of May; and we couldn’t have been more excited.

The move came as a natural progression for us, as we recognised the need for a more practical space as a reflection of our continuous growth. The new office has allowed us to accommodate increasing staff numbers and afforded us a greatly improved working environment with room for continued expansion. We have really been enjoying the open spaces with natural light, the ample meeting rooms and of course the more modern appearance. We already feel our new and improved home will encourage us to work more productively.

We are still adding the final touches, as we continue to decorate the walls with an uplifting colour scheme and add our own creative flair, yet we already feel settled. We feel that the fact that the move occurred immediately prior to the company’s 30th birthday, is symbolic of our long-term success and we anticipate continuing this growth in the future. We look forward to seeing you at the new office on Currie Street, and sharing this new chapter in our company’s history.