Managed Security

Protecting clients with a locked down, 'Defence-In-Depth' solution

Advances in digital capabilities, changing business models and developments in how we use technology expose us to new security threats and known vulnerabilities. Our provision of risk management based security controls, tools and processes works seamlessly across the business to assess our network, infrastructure and application vulnerabilities and effectively mitigate risk. We have ensured that applications in development and production are also secured and that we have ascertained compliance with regulatory requirements.

With a managed security service that is thorough, fully compliant and stringently aware of current threats, our clients have the peace of mind that in an increasingly high-risk environment, we have security under control.


An established and maintained security governance framework for the management of security risks and related controls appropriate to our business and risk exposure.Certification to Level 1 - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 3.2. A defence in depth security architecture supporting layers of defence to reduce vulnerabilities and assist in the protection, detection and reaction to attacks.Implementation of a range of tools which are used to monitor the DA environment, enabling cyber security threats to be neutralised and vulnerabilities to be identified and addressed before they can be exploited.Security advisory services, protection and monitoring services to our clients.Skilled staff equipped to identify, analyse and address threats.Ongoing communications to clients and staff to raise awareness of security threats, minimising security incidents and enhancing our overall security posture.