A hands-on approach to help your business transition

We want our clients to get the best out of our products and maximise their value, and to achieve this, clients need a training program that can be easily understood and that will make the implementation process far less complicated. Accordingly, we have developed a system training program that is non-technical and hands-on, involving flexible methodologies that we adapt to specifically suit our clients' individual needs.


Facilitated by a highly experienced DA trainer, the initial Project Team training is a comprehensive program covering all selected products over a 7-10 day period. The training is accompanied by step-by-step training documentation and lessons plans that are easy to understand and cover all business processes. Each training method is unique for our clients as we specifically tailor the program to suit differing business outcomes and achieve maximum benefits.


Clients have the added option of conducting a 'train the trainer' session for a designated member of their team. The 'trainer' gains the skills and knowledge necessary to fully understand the implementation of our products and share this within their organisation to keep everyone up to speed. Having your own 'trainer' within your organisation affords fast and easy access of knowledge as well as a comfortable and personable way to learn.


We complete a Training Needs Analysis by reviewing the provided lesson plans for each topic to determine any methods or aspects that will further augment the training process for each client. We are always available to provide ongoing training upon request as our main aim is to ensure our clients understand and regard our products as highly as we do.