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We Provide a Level of Client Collaboration You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Help build and shape our future direction


Here at DA, we consider ourselves a community, which means that developing strong client relationships are a main priority. We promote a collaborative environment where clients have a unique opportunity to influence our direction and our ongoing service delivery excellence is second to none.

The value of prioritising clients above all is entrenched throughout our entire organisation and accordingly, our Relationship Management team act as trusted advisors, dedicated to understanding and servicing client needs. Here are some of the services we offer as part of our expansive client collaboration experience:



A safe pair of hands

Our clients have described us as being comparable to “a safe pair of hands”, as our dedicated service desk staff implement formal monitoring, altering and escalating processes to ensure services are maintained at the highest uptime levels. With the service desk operating 24/7, clients have the advantage and ease of one number to call anytime.



Shape our direction

We hold numerous CXO forums to broadcast key updates and share our ‘roadmap,’ the transparency of which has been welcomed and commended. These forums are followed by Strategic Working Groups to discuss and action proposed ideas. Clients are afforded the unique opportunity to influence and shape our ‘roadmap’, an opportunity that cannot be found elsewhere to this degree, as we understand that the best ideas can often come from those we serve.



Gain valuable insight

Each year we host a one-day Client Conference in March and two-day Client Conference in September. These attract numerous clients, partners and guests and provide a worthwhile platform where innovation and collaboration are encouraged. Clients have the opportunity to network with their peers and are able to gain valuable insight into our future direction.




Valuing client views

To ensure continual satisfaction, we personally interview a selection of clients as well as conduct Client Satisfaction Surveys with the remainder of clients to receive the greatest cross-section of views. We’ve been able to implement a number of important changes and improvements based on these results.



A crowd-funding model

We also provide the option for clients to submit a change request (CR) based on system adjustments they believe would be beneficial. This is based on a ‘crowd funding’ model whereby other clients have the opportunity to support the CR, thus drive down costs and share the benefits.