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We Don’t Just Provide The Software, We Host It Too

Like having just one hand to shake


We are unique in the market as the only company in Australia providing a hosted service together with software solutions. Normally you would need to source these two distinct business functions through two separate service providers. Our combined service not only saves you time and hassle, but also results in unrivalled strategic, operational and cost efficiencies.


We like to think of this as having ‘one hand to shake’, so to speak. This single point of accountability removes many of the issues associated with a multi-vendor IT environment and helps quicken response times, whether it be for functional development or issue resolution. Our clients are able to concentrate their resources on other important areas, while we take care of the IT services on our end. Throughout the provision of our end-to-end managed services, we ensure that privacy of data remains paramount. 


Due to our involvement in both software provision and hosting, we are afforded with a more comprehensive outlook of the client organisation, thus we're able to gain a deeper understanding of their business requirements. This leads to the provision of an improved service that is customised to best suit the individual needs of each client.  


Our Software Development division is dedicated to the provision of robust and fully-functional software applications. A key aspect of the division is our Quality Methodology based on a consistent strategy of maintaining a single version of code to ensure individual flexibility and timely access to all enhancements. As both a software solution and hosting services provider we present a unique advantage to customers in providing continued development of the solution which is inexorably linked to system performance, availability and continuity.