DA Graduate Program

Our graduate program is built on career defining industry and practical experience, providing professional development opportunities to current IT university students and recent graduates who are keen on getting their foot in the door of an innovative software services provider like DA.

Our program consists of four key components:


We award one financial scholarship each year to second-year university students, based on an application process which includes eligibility criteria, a written submission, and an interview.


4-week internships are provided to the scholarship winner as well as additional applicants and are undertaken in the second year of their studies. The Internships are flexible around the students’ academic calendar.

Industry-based projects

The client projects, ranging from 3-6 months, provide students with practical experience and course accreditation in their final year.

Graduate positions

We award graduate positions every year from across all divisions of our business.

Jona Tseng, Graduate Automation Tester

“My name is Jona and I’m completing my final year of studying IT at the University of South Australia. I applied for the DA scholarship in 2020 and while I wasn’t successful, the panel was impressed enough with my application to offer me the chance to intern with the company. My experience as an intern at DA was fantastic. From the very first day, I felt welcome and a real part of the team. I was placed in the business analysis/testing part of the business and every effort was made to tailor my internship to my interests and career goals. The experience helped to clarify where I wanted to go with my career and afterwards, I was offered a role as a Graduate Automation Tester. I look forward to returning to DA and am very excited to start my career!”

Bob McManus, Security Analyst

Bob McManus is a third-year student enrolled in the University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Information Technology, Networking and Cyber Security program.  Prior to commencing his current studies, Bob worked as a software developer, network manager, and data centre manager in the Defence Force at various locations across the globe.  In 2020 he received a university scholarship grant sponsored by DA and recently completed a 4-month internship with the DA Cyber Security Office.

“Interning at DA has provided a rewarding opportunity to learn new skills and systems while applying my past experiences and studies in a business environment.” 

Partnering with universities

We are proud to partner with the University of South Australia, Adelaide University, Flinders University and Macquarie University to provide guest speaking engagements and offer students professional development opportunities. We are also currently looking to expand our relationships with universities across Australia.

We encourage universities and other tertiary education institutions to get in touch with us about exploring possible partnerships. If you are interested, please click here to contact our Careers team.


Expanding our industry network

We are always looking for new ways to support industry programs and initiatives such as Women in Tech and STEM through speaker panels, sponsorships and other industry events.

We encourage organisations to reach out to us to explore potential partnerships here.


Interested in applying to our program?

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