What it’s like to
work for us

At DA we pride ourselves on our highly collaborative, supportive and positive work culture. We offer employees a range of flexible arrangements and services that suit their individual needs and which help enhance their learning, career progression and job satisfaction.

What we believe in

Our vision

DA as a leading platform business and trusted partner of choice.

Our purpose

Supporting the financial wellbeing of Australians.

Our Values

Cheer Loudly
  • Be proud of your team’s results
  • Let’s hear the applause for every success and Rockstar effort
  • Be that awesome workmate – Don’t be a brilliant jerk!
Own It
  • Don’t stand on the sidelines – throw yourself in
  • Own your work and take responsibility until the end
  • Lead by example – listen hard and follow when it’s needed
No Goldfish
  • Go beyond your bowl – Don’t swim in circles
  • Share knowledge, stay curious, and keep learning
  • Most of all swim together as a team
Fail Forward
  • Learn from mistakes and keep moving forward
  • Sometimes quitting will be the best option
  • Failure is just a dress rehearsal for success

Benefits of working at DA

Work life flexibility

We provide tailored working arrangements that suit our employees’ varied lifestyles. Our staff have the option to work from home, in the office or a combination of both, and can choose when they complete their contracted hours.

Diversity Day

To recognise and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our staff, we offer an additional paid annual day of leave that can be used for cultural, religious and national events, such as international celebrations, holidays and family celebrations.

Career pathways

We understand the importance of having quality people in our business and so we provide unique opportunities for the right people to become an integral part of our team. We offer avenues for professional development and career progression for committed individuals.

Development programs

Some of our key learning and development programs, which are accessible either in-house, on the job or via external training providers, include:

  • Secondment and project opportunities like career ‘sea-change’ or cross skilling rotations, where staff are encouraged to upskill within the business by working in different teams or on additional projects
  • Leadership development programs for emerging and existing leaders

Find out more about our career development opportunities here.


DA offers a working environment that is outcome-focused. We let people do their job and give them the trust and flexibility to do it well.

Griffin Farley
Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Team goals with easily measurable results

We ensure everyone is on the same page with their OKRs (objectives and key results), helping boost accountability and focus within our team. We also encourage employees to develop and propose their own OKRs.


 Our action committee organises a monthly cultural and community program to inject fun into the work environment and promote staff engagement and socialising.

We’re invested in the community

DA is involved with various charities and local community programs around Australia and we always encourage our staff to volunteer to give back to these vital organisations.

Explore our offices

Our offices are located at three great city locations.

Adelaide Office

Level 3, 55 Currie Street,
Adelaide SA 5000

Melbourne Office

Level 19, 2 Southbank Boulevard,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Sydney Office

Level 10, 580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000