• DA Banking App
    DA Banking App

    Take Advantage of the Latest Capabilties: Tap & Pay, ATM Locator & More

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  • 30 Years of DA
    30 Years of DA

    Celebrating 30 Years of Success Since Our Founding

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  • Our Collaborative Approach
    Our Collaborative Approach

    Working Together with Clients to Shape Our Direction

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Providers of Excellent Technology Solutions for the Mutual Market

For the last 30 years we have been passionate and driven in our commitment to ‘Ensuring Mutual Success.’ Our leading software and services provide Digital Banking and Core Banking solutions for the mutual market based on the latest technologies and industry requirements, that are optimised to align with client needs.


Unrivalled in Client Service and Delivery

  • We Don’t Just Provide The Software, We Host It Too

    We are unique in the market as the only company in Australia providing a hosted service together with software solutions. Normally, you would need to source these two distinct business functions through two separate providers. Our combined service not only saves you time and hassle, but also results in unrivalled strategic, operational and cost efficiencies.

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  • We Provide the Highest Level of Client Collaboration

    Here at DA we consider ourselves a community, which means that developing strong client relationships are a main priority. We promote a collaborative environment where clients have the unmatched and unique opportunity to influence our direction and our ongoing service delivery excellence is second to none.

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  • We Provide an Easy and Painless Implementation

    We understand that changing to a new system can seem too overwhelming, costly and time-consuming to be sustainable in today’s financial environment. This is why we developed a comprehensive implementation system including tailored training and dedicated business support, so you won’t be forced to invest all of your resources in order to reap the rewards.

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  • We Provide Innovative & Award-Winning Products

    By developing a suite of products that are best-in-breed, current, innovative and reflective of changing industry demands, we have managed to afford clients with the best range of products possible. These products are proven across multiple client sites and have been recognised nationally for their functionally rich features across the platform.

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  • 1 million
  • 25 billion
  • 70+
  • 700

Viable and Sustainable Products & Services

  • Digital Banking

    With a mobile-first strategy, our platform has re-mapped the customer journey with a design to suit any device, allowing your customers to do all of their banking and do it well. Our software enables you to exceed the needs of a digitally focused customer base, in a secure and functional way.

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  • Core Banking

    Designed with a data model built around the customer, not the transaction, and acting as the heart and soul of retail banking, our fit-for-purpose solution addresses all your core needs to provide a solid and secure foundation to build strong business functionality.

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  • Cloud

    The DA Cloud represents a turn-key solution for the Australian mutual market in that it is highly-available, resilient, PCI compliant and secure. Our private cloud services are fully managed and combine hosting of your infrastructure with our industry leading technology.

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Collaborating across Social Media

We operate across of range of social media platforms to share our news and to hear yours. Connect with us on Yammer to ask questions and seek information in private client groups, follow us on Twitter to join in on the latest conversation and explore our LinkedIn page for careers and industry insights.

To find out more about how we can work together to maximise your business, get in touch with our Relationship Managers.