Stay ahead of the game with reliable, real-time reporting

Data is critical for maintaining competitiveness in the financial services industry. Which is why our clients as well as our product development teams need access to high-quality, securely managed, curated data, at scale.

Today, most businesses find themselves accumulating data at an exponential rate, but the information too often remains untapped, as the variety and complexity of data sources and their volume makes it too hard to work on.

At DA, we enable you to tap into the potential of your data and help you make more informed business decisions, by providing managed reporting services through our IRISS solution.

We help you understand your data and make smarter business decisions.

Our dedicated team of professionals draw on their business acumen and highly technical knowledge to turn your data into meaningful insights, enabling you to monitor operations, forecast trends and make faster and well-informed business decisions.

Our real-time reporting platform takes away the complexity of business intelligence, offering you flexible, intuitive and easy-to-understand reporting that you can action, fast.

Our reporting services incorporate:

Integration, data collection and management
Business analysis, requirements gathering and solution design
Report generation, scheduling and management

Turn your data into actionable insights today

Reach out to us to discuss how you can take advantage of our reporting services and help you and your team make smarter business decisions.