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Meet our revolutionary Core Banking Platform
Australian made, fully compliant

Our platform was built for the Australian retail banking environment to meet the functional and regulatory requirements of the Australian finance industry.

Flexible and easy to access

Your customers can transact across any channel or device – online, branch, ATM, call centre and mobile app – ensuring ease of access 24/7 with unparalleled flexibility.

A single, seamless system

Staff can use one system to manage their day-to-day tasks including servicing customers, product management, financial management, compliance and more.

Partner with DA for smarter, more reliable banking

Quality and security

By hosting our software in a private cloud, we can deliver you outstanding security and higher service levels using fewer internal resources and suppliers.

Reliable service delivery

From network availability to router services and fault management, our support services run 24/7 to give you peace of mind that your customers can transact without interruption.

24/7 help desk

Rest easy with support that is timely, consistent and effective. Our service desk is staffed 24/7 and serves clients nationwide to offer first-rate systems and operational support.

Put your banking in
secure hands

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