Keep your business and your customers protected

Cybersecurity is an especially important measure for financial institutions as digital attacks become ever more frequent and sophisticated.

In fact, in a typical month, DA prevent half a billion unauthorised access attempts to our environment and see more than 1 million application exploitation attempts.

In response and to ensure continued trust in overall financial systems, industry regulations continue to push financial institutions and their supply chain to evolve cybersecurity capabilities and maturity equal to the threats.

At DA, we offer solutions that provide you peace of mind that your services have ‘bank grade’ cybersecurity protections that keep you and your customers safe.

With DA, you’re in safe hands

We offer a strong and multilayered cybersecurity capability to protect our hosted banking services. Our processes ensure rigorous and reliable operation of preventative controls, as well as rehearsed, structured and organisation-wide capabilities to detect, respond and recover if an incident occurs

Comprehensive security features you can rely on

We protect our products using a full range of security services and technologies to keep our clients’ businesses and their customers safe. These include web application firewalls, next generation firewalls and endpoint protection, comprehensive security monitoring, vulnerability management, and regular external penetration testing.

We’re continually evolving and learning

Our security technologies are relentlessly evaluated, tuned and replaced as required. We actively pursue market offerings and take pride in our ability to select and implement solutions with high return on cyber risk reduction. We actively engage with the DA community to both share and learn about solutions that are providing high cybersecurity value.

Dedicated to keeping the sector safe

We’re also invested in securing the industry as a whole, and we actively participate in government and private threat intelligence sharing communities both as a consumer and provider of threat intelligence data.

Want to find out more?

Reach out to our team to find out how we can keep you and your customers safe.